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" My family and I are so grateful for USA Credit Doctors and their help in getting out credit scores corrected. At first I was a bit skeptical of using a credit management company since I did not know much about their type of business. The Credit Specialists at USA Credit Doctors explained everything to me and held my hand as hey went through the process. I had my first round of response back in just 3 weeks and already I had three items on my report corrected. The staff at USA Credit Doctors always made time for us when we had questions, even on weekends. Thanks to Mambo we were able to increase our credit scores from the low 600's to the mid 700's in just a few months and now we have been approved to buy our dream home.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! "

The Hernandez Family - Bronx, NY

" I didn't think anyone could help my with my credit score. I had some issues in the past when I lost my job and made arrangements with all of my creditors to pay a lower minimum balance with no interest charges until I found a job then would pay the balance in interest in full. After I found a job I made good and paid all interest in full and thought I was up to date as agreed. Then I went to apply for a home loan and was denied due to low credit scores. What my credit company didn't tell me is that they would be reporting me late on any interest not paid on time. I heard an add on the radio for USA Credit Doctors and gave them a call. USA Credit Doctors helped me correct the issues I had with my creditors an even found fraud on my account which they also helped to fix. Thanks to USA Credit Doctors I got my credit fixed and was able to obtain financing for my new home.

Thanks! "

John D - Mastic, NY
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